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Winging Through Flying Black Duck Waterfowl Sculpture

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Because it is similar in size and color to the Mallard Hen, the black duck is often counted as a mallard in the daily bag.  Like its close Western states relative, the Mottled Duck, you will find the Black Duck dabbling in shallow waters feeding on plant material and small aquatic freshwater animals, mollusks, and crustaceans. Fall and winter the black duck flocks sizes may  be in the thousands. 
Black Ducks are considered to be the most wary of all ducks.  “Winging Through” depicts this large dabbling duck as it wings through the decoy sread and just out of gun range.  Not an unusual site for the many Eastern state waterfowlers.  The vivid blue secondary feathers dominate its brown mass.  Decorate the walls of your lodge, cabin, home, or office with this impressive  wall mount decoration.