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Weaver Bottoms American Widgeon Waterfowl Decoy
Weaver Bottoms American Widgeon Waterfowl Sculpture

Weaver Bottoms American Widgeon Waterfowl Decoy

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The Weaver Bottom American Widgeon is a stunning replica of the Widgeon Duck.  The Widgeon is a colorful dabbler duck with an interesting feature.  The white strip that runs from its bill down to the back of its neck resembles a bald man’s head. In many areas it is known as a Baldplate, because of this characteristic.  You can find the Widgeon Duck in various wetland habitats but they prefer large, shallow, open water bodies with marine vegetation.  It is common to see this colorful duck scattered among a large raft of diver ducks such as Redheads or Scaup.  Watch closely and you'll notice these guys are the pirates of the lake.  As divers return to the surface with vegetation to eat, the Widgeon will rush over and snatch the snack from the divers beak. The Widgeon, like many dabbler ducks, are at home on dry land as well as water.  They will frequently visit a pasture or crop field to graze or collect spilled grain.  The American Widgeons grazing quality means that this duck's diet has a higher portion of plant matter than any of the other dabbling ducks. The American Widgeon often varies in appearance but, like its European cousin, it’s always represented by a beautiful coloration of feathers!

The Weaver Bottom Widgeon is an
attractive hand-crafted reproduction which captures the American Widgeons' appealing color patterns and layered feathers.   This wonderful carving makes a great addition to any Lake Cabin, home, or office.