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Under Armour - now there is a name that speaks for itself.  What an amazing company.  Our sister store became an Under Armour dealer in 2005 and we have watched the company grow for 11 years.  No other clothing company comes close to matching the growth explosion at Under Armour.  Beginning as the founder of high tech long underwear for cold and hot conditions, Under Armour has grown into outerwear for almost every specialty outdoor activity you can image.  And, just a few years ago what began as footwear with a few boots is now a full line footwear program with sneakers, running shoes, boots, and .......  And the accessories line which was just a few years back a few gloves and hats is now backpacks, bags, sunglasses, gloves, hats, .....  Many have copied, but there is truely no other company like Under Armour