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Swan Lake Pintail Duck Sculpture
Life-size Swan Lake Pintail Waterfowl Sculpture

Swan Lake Pintail Duck Sculpture

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The Pintail duck is found in every North American flyway.  So it is no surprise that it has gathered many nicknames.  Also known as a Sprig, Sprigtail, Spike, or a Spike tail, the Pintail duck has an elegant build featuring a long slender profile, elegant neck, and the long pointed tail feathers that earn him the name.  Although the hen Pintail duck also has a distinct, pointed tail, only the drake pintails have the long thin tail feathers.   Pintails are frequent many wetland habitats, but they are primarily an open water bird and prefer large, shallow water masses.  They can tolerate salting waters and amass in large rafts on the Laguana Madre in southern Texas.

The “Swan Lake Pintail” captures this remarkable puddle duck with its many colors and features especially the long pintail feathers.   The elongated delicate tail is removable, and if it is damaged or lost it is easily replaced at no additional charge.