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Loon Lake Decoy Company

Not knowing that they would soon found the Loon Lake Decoy Company, Mike Lidgerding and Gary Sobotta first met while working on conservation fund raising committee. A couple old diehard outdoorsmen, they have fished, hunted and enjoyed the outdoors together ever since. In early 1991 they found and began operating the Loon Lake Decoy Company in Wabasha MN. Today as in the beginning, their belief is the same; handcraft the best quality sculptures at competitive prices backed with first rate customer service and your customers will become loyal collectors and friends. That simple philosophy has propelled Loon Lake Decoy Company to one of the leaders in the decorative wildlife sculpture industry. Wabasha, MN is nestled in the Mississippi River Valley and is oldest city in Minnesota. Wabasha found its way onto the map in 1993 when the hit movie, "Grumpy Old Men" starring Walter Mathau, Jack Lemon and Ann-Margret was filmed in the city. Wabasha is also the home of the National Eagle Center and a testament to the areas deep love for nature and the outdoors. The area is also noted for "Old World Craftsmen". This combination of love for the outdoors and skilled craftsmanship is what sets Loon Lake Decoy Company sculptures above all the rest. Loon Lake Decoy Company is committed to providing the best quality wildlife sculptures available. Shop our Loon Lake product page and our sculpture category to see first hand why Loon Lake Decoy Company sculptures and products are the perfect fit for anyone looking to add the finest in wildlife sculptures to their home, office or cabin. It all begins with the carvings that are the base for each Loon Lake Decoy. Loon Lake Decoy Company features a most awesome carver, Sam Nottleman. Sam specializes in natural positions and realistic details in each bird. Sam was born in Southeastern Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River. His appreciation and love of the outdoors began at a very early age. The annual migration along the Mississippi Flyway has fascinated and inspired Sam for years. He expresses this inspiration through his skills as an artist and master woodcarver. Sam received his BA in Art in 1972 from Winona State University. At first Sam pursued a career in music. Soon Sam's passion for the birds made its presence known and Sam began carving as a way to unwind after an exhausting performance on stage. Years of personal observations, and an large collection of mounted birds as a reference, Sam's carvings became detailed, realistic and unique. His carvings are known for their anatomical positions and lifelike details. In 1992, Sam became the master carver for Loon Lake Decoy Company as well as a business partner. Finding that carving is both his passion and profession, Sam retired from the music industry in 1996. He now carves full time from his personel studio overlooking the Mississippi Rives. Check back often to see his latest work.
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