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John M Browning started Browning and Browning Clothing in 1897.   And, with a bold motto "The Best There Is", the Browning commitment to excellence propelled success and growth through the coming decades. 

It is the technical aspects and innovative features that separates Browning clothes are separated from the competition by innovative features and technology.   Continuously improving through testing and innovation, Browning clothing is committed to keeping you outdoors longer in more comfortable clothing.  And, that my friend is why Browning is "The Best There Is".

Browning Pre-Vent fabrics make there garments 100% waterproof, yet remarkably breathable.  With all seams taped to prevent leaks, Pre-Vent is also 100% windproof to stop windchill.   Pre-Vent allows your excess body heat and moisture to escape keeping you drier and more comfortable in a varity of weather and activity conditions.  A Browning exclusive, Pre-Vent in the cold, wet outdoors is simply the "Best there is".

Developed to warm you from toe to head, PrimaLoft insulation is used in Browning clothes.  Although less bulky, Browning clothes with Primaloft, which is water resistant and stays drier, keep you warmer and more comfortable.  Composed of ultra fine fibers, Primaloft provides less restricted movement because it is far lass bulky than competing insulation.  Because PrimaLoft insulation is breathbel, fast drying, water resistant and thermally efficient,  Insulated Browning clothes are the best there is.

Popular camo patterns developed by leading brands make Camo Browning clothes the best for concealment while putting you in the field like a pro.  Realtree Max5 and the Mossy Oak Blades and Bottomland camos are the most popular camouflage patterns with duck hunters.   Browning Clothes utilizes these patterns along with PreVent and Primaloft insulation, to produce waterfowl hunting clothes that outperform the competition.

Deer hunters along with other hunters that take to the woodlands and forest will select Realtree AP Xtra or Mossy Oak Infinity and Breakup Country camo patterns when buying Browning camo clothes.  Once again, Browning clothing is "the best there is" because The most popular and effective camo patterns matched with Browning clothing means your wearing "The Best there Is."

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