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Hunting vest are used for 2 primary purposes: organized hunting gear and for layering to maintain body heat on a chilly day. The organizational vest are lightweight and usually worn over all clothing. As an external garment hunting gear - shells, calls, face mask, .... are at the fingertips for quick access. Because they must be an external or top clothing layer, hunting vest that serve to organize and carry gear are often camo to accommodate concealment.

A hunting vest that is used for layering and core body heat retention will usually be insulated or sewn from a insulating fabric such as fleece.  The layering vest can be a solid color or camo.  Down is a popular insulator for this type of hunting vest and   camo down vest are our most popular vest.  The Rivers West Cold Canyon vest is one of the most functional layering hunting vest because in addition to be a warm fleece fabric, this huting vest is also 100% waterproof and windproof.